Measure and Mark

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45 degrees

45 degrees is an angle created when 90 degrees is divided in half

90 degrees

90 degrees is an angle created when two lines are square or perpendicular to each other


To align is to place or arrange things in a straight line.


An arc is a partial sweep of a circle’s perimeter from it’s center


An axis is a fixed reference line often for a measurement

Belt clip

The belt clip is a convenient hook for storing a tape measure

Bend measurement

A bend is a measurement method for two inside corners – not as accurate as other methods


The blade is along steel strip wound into the tape measure case marked with measured units;

A blade is a simple flat metal edge tool with a handle used to apply spackle and level out surface defects. Also called a spackle knife

Blade lock

The blade lock is a built-in hands-free feature used to hold the blade while extended

Box level

A box level is alarger and longer style of level. 2’, 3’,4’,6’ are common lengths

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