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Nominal dimension

A nominal dimension is one existing in name only and not matching the material’s actual measurements

Orbital sander

An orbital sander is a tool that uses very small vibrating circular motions to slowly remove material


OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board which is a Panel made from stranded wood products bound together with glue under high pressure

Oscillating multitool

An oscillating multitool is a vibrating detail cutting tool for making fine cuts in various materials


Penny is a term used to describe variousnail sizing that grows in numbers as the nail size increases


A Phillips is a cross-shaped driver type that has a self-centering design

Phosphate coated

Phosphate coated fasteners offer minimal corrosion protection for fasteners that appears as a dull black finish – not acceptable for exterior use or long term exposure to moisture

Pilot hole

A pilot hole is a hole bored that is the size of a screw shank for easier driving of a fastener. See Predrilling


Predrilling is the process of making a pilot hole before driving a fastener

Pry bar

A pry bar is a small flat tool for separating boards and removing nails

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