Measure and Mark

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45 degrees

45 degrees is an angle created when 90 degrees is divided in half

90 degrees

90 degrees is an angle created when two lines are square or perpendicular to each other


To align is to place or arrange things in a straight line.


An arc is a partial sweep of a circle’s perimeter from it’s center


An axis is a fixed reference line often for a measurement

Belt clip

The belt clip is a convenient hook for storing a tape measure

Bend measurement

A bend is a measurement method for two inside corners – not as accurate as other methods


The blade is along steel strip wound into the tape measure case marked with measured units;

A blade is a simple flat metal edge tool with a handle used to apply spackle and level out surface defects. Also called a spackle knife

Blade lock

The blade lock is a built-in hands-free feature used to hold the blade while extended

Box level

A box level is alarger and longer style of level. 2’, 3’,4’,6’ are common lengths

Bubble level

A bubble level is a device that can measure the condition of plumb or level using a small vial filled with oil and a floatingbubble for reference

Burn an inch

To burn an inch means to shift a tape measure over for a more accurate method of measuring. The measurement starts at 1 inch or 10 inches and expects the user to subtract that amount at the end for the true dimension

Crow's foot

A crow’s foot is a ‘V’ shaped mark used to transfer a measurement accurately from the tape measure to the material


The fence is a raised edge on a speed square that rests against the material being marked for accurate reference.


Flush is when two surfaces or edges are in perfect alignment.


A foot is a larger standard unit of measure that is equivalent to 12 inches


A fraction is some specific part of a whole. For inches a fraction is expressed as ½, 1/4 , 1/8, or 1/16

Guide notches

Guide notches are aspeed square feature that assists in drawing lines that are parallel to the fence edge


The hook is the bent metal precision part at the beginning of a tape measure that represents zero

Improper fraction

An improper fraction is one in which the numerator is greater than the denominator, (ex 5/4).


Level means perfectly horizontal relative to the earth’s gravity


Matte is a term to describe a paint sheen with a no gloss finish. Also called “flat


O.C. or on center is even spacing of studs in a wall or other parts in a ceiling or floor by measuring to the center of each component. 


Parallel is a term used to describetwo side by side lines that run the same direction and are exactly the same distance apart everywhere


Permanence is the state or quality of lasting


Perpendicular is two lines, planes or surfaces that meet at a right angle or 90 degrees to each other

Pivot point

A pivot point is the location where the fence meets the ruler edge on a speed square. The tool is rotated on this point for measuring angles


Plumb is the condition of being perfectly vertical relative to the earth’s gravity

Plumb bob

A plumb bob is aheavy pointed object attached to the end of a string that hangs straight down to determine a perfectly vertical or plumb line

Pull measurement

A pull measurement is made by placing the blade hook on an edge, extended the blade from the case and taking a measurement under tension

Push measurement

A push measurement is made by pressing the hook end of the blade into an object, extending the blade, and using standout of the blade to take an accurate measurement


The reel is a spool on which a string line can be wound around inside of a chalk line

Right angle

A right angle is a90-degree angle that is considered perpendicular and ‘square


Square is the condition of two lines or planes that forming a 90 degree angle relative to each other


Standout is theability of a tape measure blade to remain straight and extend out on its own, unsupported


The tape of a tape measure is along steel strip wound into the case marked with measured units . Also called a blade


Tension is the state of being pulled and stretched tight.

Torpedo level

A torpedo level is a mini pocket level usually shorter than 12”


Avialis a sealed fluid-filled cylinder with a bubble trapped inside that is precision mounted in a level to accurately read the condition of level and plumb

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