Measure and Mark

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Bubble level

A bubble level is a device that can measure the condition of plumb or level using a small vial filled with oil and a floatingbubble for reference

Burn an inch

To burn an inch means to shift a tape measure over for a more accurate method of measuring. The measurement starts at 1 inch or 10 inches and expects the user to subtract that amount at the end for the true dimension

Crow's foot

A crow’s foot is a ‘V’ shaped mark used to transfer a measurement accurately from the tape measure to the material


The fence is a raised edge on a speed square that rests against the material being marked for accurate reference.


Flush is when two surfaces or edges are in perfect alignment.


A foot is a larger standard unit of measure that is equivalent to 12 inches


A fraction is some specific part of a whole. For inches a fraction is expressed as ½, 1/4 , 1/8, or 1/16

Guide notches

Guide notches are aspeed square feature that assists in drawing lines that are parallel to the fence edge


The hook is the bent metal precision part at the beginning of a tape measure that represents zero

Improper fraction

An improper fraction is one in which the numerator is greater than the denominator, (ex 5/4).

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