Measure and Mark

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Push measurement

A push measurement is made by pressing the hook end of the blade into an object, extending the blade, and using standout of the blade to take an accurate measurement


The reel is a spool on which a string line can be wound around inside of a chalk line

Right angle

A right angle is a90-degree angle that is considered perpendicular and ‘square


Square is the condition of two lines or planes that forming a 90 degree angle relative to each other


Standout is theability of a tape measure blade to remain straight and extend out on its own, unsupported


The tape of a tape measure is along steel strip wound into the case marked with measured units . Also called a blade


Tension is the state of being pulled and stretched tight.

Torpedo level

A torpedo level is a mini pocket level usually shorter than 12”


Avialis a sealed fluid-filled cylinder with a bubble trapped inside that is precision mounted in a level to accurately read the condition of level and plumb

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