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Blade height adjustment

The blade height adjustment of a table saw uses a wheel to raise and lower the blade relative to the table surface to cut through different material thicknesses

Blade lock

The blade lock is a built-in hands-free feature used to hold the blade while extended

Blade pressed

To blade pressed is to applymasking tape with pressure from a 5 in 1 tool to better seal the tape edge


Blocking is short horizontal boards nailed in between stud bays for added wall strength, material support, or fire control


Boring is the process of a drill spinning a drill bit to form a hole in a material

Bottom cripple

A Bottom Crippleis a short partial stud placed below the sill in a window rough opening

Bottom plate

A Bottom plate is the lower continuous wall framing component that holds the studs in place at the floor. Also referred to as a sole plate or a shoe plate


A bow is a curve to the right or left traveling the long direction of the board as seen while sighting a board with its edge up

Box header

A box header is a type of header that creates a hollow void in its center with the use of layered materials on the front and back face

Box level

A box level is alarger and longer style of level. 2’, 3’,4’,6’ are common lengths

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