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Brad nailer

Abrad nailer is a type of nailer for driving 18 gauge nails


Bristles are thin strands of different materials that make up the brush head and allow it to absorb and transfer paint


A brush is a painter’s precision hand tool for applying paint

Brush comb

Abrush combis a painter’s tool for thorough brush cleaning

Brush head

The brush head is the working area of the brush made of multiple bristles or filaments that carries and distributes the paint

Brush spinner

A brush spinner is a painter’s tool for proper brush care and water removal

Bubble level

A bubble level is a device that can measure the condition of plumb or level using a small vial filled with oil and a floatingbubble for reference

Burn an inch

To burn an inch means to shift a tape measure over for a more accurate method of measuring. The measurement starts at 1 inch or 10 inches and expects the user to subtract that amount at the end for the true dimension


To burnish is to dimple or lower a high spot on a surface by pushing with the end of a spackle knife

Butt wall

A butt wall is a shortened wall in a corner connection that terminates into a through wall. This type of wall helps to define the inside corner of the room or building

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