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Combustible is a term to describematerial in a liquid or solid form that will ignite at a flashpoint of over 100 degrees

Common stud

A common stud is a full-length vertical framing component placed on layout at regular intervals between the top and bottom plates. Common studs are always identical lengths in a wall panel.

Compound angle

A compound angle is a miter angle and a bevel angle combined into one cut

Compound miter saw

A compound miter saw is a fixed base saw with hinged motor and blade for precise square and angled cuts in materials

Condensation drain valve

The condensation drain valve is a valve at the bottom of tank for draining of moisture that collects


A conductor is asingle wire that conducts electricity from one connection to another in a circuit


A conduit is a metal or plastic tube used to protect conductors from weather and abrasion that are not concealed within the walls, floor, or ceiling of a structure


Conspicuity is a term to describe something that is

 easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable and attracting special attention


Continuity is a continuous electrical path that allows unrestricted flow of current

Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a battery-powered handheld tool for boring holes and driving fasteners

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