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A ladder is an important tool to assist in reaching heights above the normal level of reach

Ladder blocking

Ladder blocking is a series of horizontal boards placed in a stud bay for a solid T wall and sometimes corner wall connection


Latex is a paint category that uses water as the liquid carrier. Remains water soluble until it has fully dried


A lavatory is a sink or washbasin in a bathroom


Layout is the regular placement of studs in a wall, floor, roof, or ceiling framing. Common layout patterns are 12”, 16”, and 24” on center


Level means perfectly horizontal relative to the earth’s gravity


Leveling is the process of creating a flat fill over an indented area that cannot be seen by the eye or felt with a hand.

Leveling is also a flow aspect of paint that allows the applied paint film to flatten out to a consistent finish while wet

Line wire

A line wire is a conductor used to feed electricity to a circuit. This part of the circuit is usually identified by conductors with black or red insulation color and gold colored terminals on devices


Lines are drawing features of different types and thicknesses used to indicate the built structure and specific components of a building

Linesman pliers

Linesman pliers are a wide tipped gripping tool for cutting and twisting wire

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