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An O-ring is a rubber washer that is round in profile instead of flat. Used in valve stems and push-on fittings to create a watertight seal 


O.C. or on center is even spacing of studs in a wall or other parts in a ceiling or floor by measuring to the center of each component. 


OD orOutside Diameter is the outside dimension of a round pipe or tube


Oil-based paint is a category of paint that includes Alkyds and Enamels and uses oil as a liquid carrier instead of water. Also requires chemical solvents for cleanup

On center

On center refers to the process of placing studs or other framing members centered on a specific repeated spacing in a wall (like 12”,16”, 24”). Sometimes expressed as "O.C."

ON/off switch

The on/off switch is an electric switch that supplies current to the automatic shutoff stage of a compressor

Orbital action adjustment

The orbital action adjustment is a dial to set more or less circular motion to the cutting action of a reciprocating blade – more orbital motion = faster, rougher, and more aggressive cut

Orbital sander

An orbital sander is a tool that uses very small vibrating circular motions to slowly remove material

Organic vapors

Organic vapors are liquids that evaporate quickly in a gas and are usually petroleum-based (ex – acetone, paint, gasoline)


OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board which is a Panel made from stranded wood products bound together with glue under high pressure

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