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Paint bleed

Bleed is a painting defect where paint leaks behind the tape edge producing a less than perfect paint line

Paint primer

Paint primer is a prep coat for raw surfaces that acts as an adhesive layer for the paint. Primers can also work as fillers and surface sealers and always need a top finish coat applied

Paint tray

A paint tray is a special container to help load a roller with paint for application

Paint tray well

The well is the deep end of a paint tray that holds the bulk of the paint. 

Painter's tape

Painter’s tape is special tape used for masking that offers extended-release time

Palm nailer

A palm nailer is a pneumatic tool used for easier nailing in confined spaces and driving various single nails with heads

Pancake compressor

A pancake compressor is a small, flattened, cylindrical type of portable compressor.


A pane isa separate defined glass area of a window

Panel break

A panel break is where the outside edge of a sheet good material will land on framing when the stud layout is correct. Panel breaks on layout usually fall on the centerline of a stud


Parallel is a term used to describetwo side by side lines that run the same direction and are exactly the same distance apart everywhere

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