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Waffle face

A waffle face is a textured or raised grid pattern on a framing hammer face for better traction when striking a nail head.

Wall brush

A wall brush is a high volume brush type for painting walls and other large flat surfaces


Wane is a missing corner of a board’s square milled edge as a result of cutting the board from a location in the log that was too close to the outer tree perimeter


Water hammer

Water hammeris the hydraulic shock that happens when water pressure within a plumbing circuit changes suddenly causing vibration and movement in the pipes and fittings of a plumbing circuit.


Water-based refers to paint or other chemical compound that has water as the main ingredient for viscosity

Weep hole

A weep hole is a drain feature on a window that allows trapped water to exit

Wet edge

A wet edge is the workablearea where paint has just been applied to a surface where overlap can occur without overbrushing

Window frame

A window frame is a four-sided section of the window unit that holds the fixed or movable sashes

Wire gauge

Wire gauge is a measurement of the thickness of a conductor. Lower numbers indicate thicker wire

Wire nut

A wire nut is a device for securing two or more wire ends together and while insulating the bare ends from arcing or electrical shock

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